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Now that you have got this far, you might like to have a look at some real SiteDreams websites in order to see what you get for your money.

Below you will find a few links, plus a short description, that take you to actual sites built by SiteDreams.

Some of these sites may still be in the development stages, but all of them have one thing in common: They are all built to be attractive and functional while still on the lowest possible budget.

Bromley Repeater Group

FaceThe Bromley Repeater Group are a group of licensed amateur radio operators who formed to build and maintain amateur radio repeaters, located at Well Hill in Kent, callsigns GB3OK and GB7OK.

SiteDreams was given an open book as far as the design and appearance of this site goes.

Shelley - Professional Model

FaceShelley is a very attractive 21 year old Professional Model located at Dover. She has a wealth of experience which include many magazine shoots, and is available for work for both professional and amateur photographers alike.

This is a good example of just how important a web presence can be to a person working on his or her own, or even to a small business.

Alarmwise Security Systems

Faceis a company located in Orpington, Kent who specialise in intruder and fire protection systems as well as surveillance CCTV systems.

The Directors of the company have been very active in the overall design and appearance of this site.

London Building Ltd

FaceAlready well established and working to a high standard, London Building wanted to add their first web presence. Choosing SiteDreams to build their site, and a lot of input from the owners, has resulted in what you see here.

Still undergoing minor changes, the London Building website is a clean, crisp, attractive, yet inexpensive start to the web.

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