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Hosting Your New Website

HostingNow that you have decided to have a website, you'll need to find somewhere to host it. There are thousands of web hosts out there and trying to find a good one can be a battle on it's own.

There are two main things that need to be considered at this stage.  Your domain name, and how much hosting your website needs. 

Your Domain Name:  This is the name your customers will know you by, (i.e.  In most cases this should be your company name or something that reflects your company name or the nature of it's business. 

Choosing Your Domain Name:  Take the time to get this right the first time as it stays with you forever.  If you find your first choice of domain name is not available, spend time and take special care when choosing an alternative. 

Click Here:  To check if your chosen Domain Name is available.

Choosing Your Hosting:  The Host you choose is as important as your Domain Name and your choice will depend upon a number of variables such as, webspace, bandwidth and cost.  Webspace is the amount of space allocated to host your website.  Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer, i.e. visitors, allowed to view your website.  And cost speaks for itself. 

One Host that offers both unlimited webspace and unlimited bandwidth, as well as Load Balanced Technology, and all at a very low price, is


PowWeb's Load-Balanced Technology:

PowWeb's proprietary "Load-Balanced Hosting" solution eliminates all single points of failure.  By load balancing their servers, your Web site will have multiple paths to its destination.  This is the same technique used with large corporations hosting mission-critical Web sites.

The Standard Solution (the problem):

The common problem with the standard hosting solution is that it doesn't offer true redundancy.  Every "single point" of failure will be your weakest point. Should problems arise, your Web site will be temporarily down until the problem is resolved.  This method offers no redundancy.


PowWeb's Load Balanced Technology (the solution):

PowWeb's hosting solution offers complete true, redundancy from point A to point B.  There are multiple paths for your visitor to access your Web site at every given point.   They distribute the load of a single Web site across multiple physical servers.  If one server goes down, there is no noticeable effect on end users and no downtime.

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