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ChargesThe basic Site Dreams websites are specifically aimed at small businesses and individuals who offer personal services. People and businesses that are looking towards developing a new website but don't have large budgets. They are simple and uncomplicated, yet functional, impressive and eye catching

Prices for basic sites...... Start at £100 for the first two pages (minimum charge) and then £50 per page thereafter. This site has six pages. It would normally cost £300, but everything in these pages could easily be condensed into three or four pages and therefore only cost between £150 to £200.

From that starting point the sky's the limit. You can build your window to the world into anything you wish.

There are "Flash Movies" which can be very eye catching and a good way to advertise. Or there are interactive pages where your clients can communicate with you directly. You can have personalised artwork or photographs of your business or your products.

The only limits are your imagination and your budget.

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