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First Time
First TimeAre you new to web design? Are you considering your first site?

Very few "first time" web owners know much about where to start in building that first site, and that's only to be expected. Many run into a lot of the same problems and most make the same mistakes. Site Dreams was built around the concept of making this first step easier for you, the owner.

We can even prevent you from making some of the same mistakes that a lot of first time site owners make.

Unless you are absolutely sure of what you want, then it's best to keep the first site small and simple. You are bound to have new ideas after the site is first published. It's better to find that out from a website that has only cost you a couple of hundred pounds than one that has cost a couple of thousand pounds. From tiny acorns Mighty oak trees grow.

This site is a classic example of a simple, yet effective and inexpensive website.

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