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We are due in London for appointment with Ofcom very soon to discuss issues regarding abuse on the amateur bands and repeaters. Ofcom need to address this, rather than ignore. Ofcom have a responsibility it is the independent regulator and competition authority for communication and have been undersigned by the Secretary of State to enforce the Wireless Telegraphy Act. If there are any issue that you would like us to raise, then please send your comments to us or post below and we will submit these, on your behalf. We will let you know the outcome of the pending meeting in due course.

 The Wireless Telegraphy Act!

Abuse of radio comes in several forms on amateur radio. However, most of it is designed either to deny access to the spectrum or to offend and annoy by causing deliberate interference, using offensive language, playing music, pirating call signs, keying out other users etc. On the amateur service, abuse is most commonly aimed at open access facilities such as voice repeater so as to cause a nuisance to the maximum number of people and attract attention. Less common, but just as serious, is the abuser who targets individual operators or specific radio services.

The Wireless Telegraphy (Content of Transmission) Regulations 1988 makes it an offence to send a message, communication or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an obscene or menacing character. In considering such cases, it is important to remember that the courts need evidence that the language used in the alleged offence is worse than that encountered in everyday life.

Look forward to your support with the Petition to Mr Gordon Brown at number 10 to get his Government to enforce the Wireless Telegraphy Act and stop abuse on the amateur bands, especially repeaters. Your signature is valuable and makes a real difference. Please encourage others to sign the petition as well.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Its a better idea to keep a closer eye on your enemies rather than your friends..............
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