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SitedreamsMany small companies exist without ever thinking of owning their own website, and yet even a simple website will open your doors to the world. You may think that you're too small to benefit from the internet, or that it'll be too expensive, but you'd be wrong on both counts. In fact, the smaller your enterprise, the greater the benefit to be gained from a website.

Do you need a website? Compare yourself to some of the examples below to see if your business is similar, then do the simple "Yellow Pages" test below.

Small traders like, local shops, restaurants, builders, painters, plumbers and electricians, or people who offer personal services like, accountants, teachers, house cleaners, photographers, escorts, models, musicians, entertainers, DJ's, to name just a few, are all people who can benefit by advertising their services on their own personal website.

Perhaps more importantly, a simple website could cost you as little as £100 and, depending on your business, a single new customer could easily cover that cost.

Yellow PagesHere's a simple test that you can do right now. Click on the Yellow Pages logo to search for people or businesses in your area who are offering the same services as you. Check out your competition. If they have a website then they are taking your customers from under your nose. If they don't, then why not get smart? Beat them to it and make those customers your own.

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